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Quick & Easy Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

Chelsey Devauld January 22, 2018

I love Valentine’s Day! And I love creating nifty unique cards for my kids to take to school and hand out to their classmates! I always try to create my designs to be gender neutral and easy on your printer ink.

Here I’ve compiled a list of some seriously cute Valentine’s Day cards you can print yourself!

*Note: Some are free and some may require a small purchase. But probably not more than what you’d pay in the store for a box of generic ones AND you’re supporting a small business!

Don't forget to download my free Modern Valentine's Day Printable before you go!

1. You’re Awesome Sauce


I love that these go with a non-candy idea, but are super cute and easy to do! Also, you don’t need coloured ink to print these.

2. You’re All Write


These require a bit of cutting (unless you have a Cricut) but they are SO cute for another non-candy Valentine’s idea.

3. Hand-Drawn Sweet Hearts Valentine’s Cards

Paperie Off Park

I love anything that has an illustrator’s touch and a hand-drawn element. You can find these adorable cards on Etsy for only cost of a latte.

4. Cute Illustrated Valentine’s Printable Cards


Again, some really cute illustrated designs, all pretty easy on your printer ink!

5. Non-Candy Valentine’s Card with Activity


I love that these have fun little activities on them for a child to do!  Interactive Valentine’s Day cards, hooray!

6. “You’re exSTRAW Special”


I don’t know about you, but my kids LOVE funny straws. These are a fun non-candy way for kids to personalize and give out Valentine’s for those “exSTRAW” special friends.

7. Emoji Printable Valentines


These are probably what my son will handing out this year!  They are designed by myself and available on my Etsy store! Designed again to be gender neutral and easy on you printer ink, I also wanted to have an option that wasn’t super mushy for my 8 year old son.

8. Rock n Roll Valentine’s Day Cards


Who doesn’t love the classics? Although our kids may never experience the awesomeness of the tape deck days, the classics will never lose their charm. Another great gender neutral printable you can do from home!

9. Unique Folding Monster Valentine’s Day Cards


These are so cute! If you don’t want to use this much printer ink, consider taking it to a print shop! Staples even has an online way to send in your file and you pick up the next day! Easy.

10. Printable Valentine Bookmark


This idea is so simple and so great! A personalized Valentine bookmark! Who thought of this wondrous idea?

You now have some pretty awesome printable Valentine ideas!

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